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When setting up a site 2 things you need other than getting the site created itself is a domain name and some web hosting.

The domain name is the identity of the site, the address people type in to get to your website and the hosting is some space on a server where all the files of the website sit to be viewed when someone visits your site. Your website or domain name host also usually looks after your emails etc too.

With our packages we aim to give you the flexibility to do what is best for you and not tie you in to anything. So we can either sort the hosting and/or the domain name for you or you can go for a design only package and shop around and sort those things yourself and we will simply build the site.

Below are some useful links to domain and hosting companies we have come across and used with no problems for previous projects and would recommend you have a look at but as stated there are plenty of companies out there so it is always worth shopping around.

If you have any questions or queries on anything to do with domain name registration or website hosting then please don't hesitate to ask. One big mistake a lot of people make when purchasing hosting etc is buying a hosting package which offers more than you actually need in terms of features and space which obviously means you are usually paying more out for it than you need to be.